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Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

*Occasional Saturdays are available

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Bathtub Refinishing Virginia: Our main service area is a 30 mile radius around Norfolk VA, but we will make exceptions! Give us a call to discuss.


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Fun facts about Virginia
State Name: Virginia
State Abbreviation: VA
State Capital: Richmond
State population: 8,260,405
Population Rank: #12/50
Area/Size: 42,769 sq.mi
Date became a State: June 25, 1788
State Motto: “Thus Always to Tyrants”
State Nickname: Old Dominion State
State Bird: Cardinal
State Flower: Dogwood
State Tree: Flowering Dogwood
Residents are called: Virginian

Famous people from Virginia
Arthur Ashe –  Famous tennis player
Pearl Bailey  – Actress and singer
Warren Beatty – Director, actor, producer, writer
Admiral Richard E. Byrd – Explorer
Roy Clark – Country music artist
Ella Fitzgerald – Jazz singer
William Henry Harrison – Ninth president of the US
Thomas Jefferson – Third president of the US
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark – Explorers
James Madison – Fourth president of the US
James Monroe – Fifth president of the US
Edgar Allen Poe – Author
Zachary Taylor – 12th president of the US
John Tyler – Tenth president of the US
Booker T. Washington – African-American educator
George Washington – First president of the US
James E. West – Inventor
Woodrow Wilson – 28th president of the US
Funny Virginia Laws

It is illegal to tickle women!

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