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Thank you for taking the time to explore our bathtub refinishing Washington DC page.  50 Years in business! Licensed & Insured.  Over 200,000 tubs done using top of the line products from Hawk Labs.

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We refinish in homes from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Occasional Saturdays. Closed on holidays.

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We service Washington DC metro.

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Eastern Refinishing has been refinishing tubs and more in American homes for almost 50 years. We use a top of the line product, have an elite HomeAdvisor rating, plus an A+ rating with the BBB.

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4 Signs That Your tub reglazing is needed.

Bathtubs are an expensive investment, and certainly not something you’ll want to be replacing frequently. Often times when people think they need a new tub, the tub itself is perfectly fine- it’s the appearance of the surface that gives off an uninviting look. Here are a few signs to lookout for that might indicate it’s time for a reglazing! 

1.  Chipping

If you use your bathtub regularly, it’s common that chipping will occur over time. Between dropping items like bottles of shampoo or soap, or if you have a child that takes toys in the tub, the surface can easily become chipped. Not only does this look bad, but it also means that your tubs protection against moisture is gone. This can eventually cause rust and water damage to the iron or steel that your tub is made for.

2.  Discoloration

If your once crisp white bathtub is starting to show a brownish-yellow, splotchy off-white, or pink coloring, this is a clear indicator that your tub needs refinishing. Often times this could be a sign of hard water or mold issues. No matter what the cause, it will be difficult to reverse without a tub reglazing completed.

3.  Cleaning is a Challenge

When the glaze of your bathtub starts to become worn, you’ll notice that the ability to fully clean it becomes difficult. No matter how much hard you scrub, it still doesn’t look clean. As the surface of old tubs becomes more porous, they allow more grime, dirt, and soap scum to live on your tub’s surface. Refinishing your bathtub will make cleaning and maintaining it much easier. After all, your tub is meant to make you feel clean- not dirtier!

4.  Dullness

Over time, it’s expected that your once shiny new bathtub will fade. However, when it starts to become extremely dull, it can make it look dirty and reveal its age. With the coating no longer protecting your tub, it can also cause water damage to the inner material. A quick tub reglaze job can take care of this issue, leaving your tub looking brand new again!