About Us

In the hard-working town of Indianapolis Indiana, Eastern Refinishing Inc. was founded over 45 years ago. In the early years while our company was developing; the bathtub refinishing, reglazing, resurfacing industry was in its infancy.

Back then, there were no official training schools to learn our trade and there were no official vendors or suppliers who were developing products for our industry; as such, the need for Eastern Refinishing to develop its own techniques was necessary.

Throughout the 1980′s the bathtub refinishing was primarily considered a “do it yourself” industry. Most applicators were regular household painters or handymen trying to satisfy their client’s needs. That is, the need to refinish a fixture quickly, rather than replacing it. In fact, compared to the technology implemented today, bathtub refinishing in the 1980′s used crude and primitive products and techniques. Most refinishers simply used an epoxy coating available at industrial paint stores, others used automotive or marine coatings.

The end result was inconsistent quality and rampant repairs. In almost all cases, the coatings used would yellow, stain, discolor and lose their gloss. There was no specialized HVLP spraying equipment for our industry, so most jobs were applied by brush or roller and looked “unprofessional”. However, as a pioneer in bathtub refinishing, Eastern Refinishing continued to search for and develop alternate means and products to improve the refinishing process. In fact, I can honestly say we have tried literally hundreds of products over the years. One advantage that Eastern Refinishing offers is that we test all our products “in-house”, an industry first. As such, you can be assured that we always use proven materials and techniques.

Eastern Refinishing today enjoys a reputation for providing the highest quality work and a product that is second to none.

However, our work is not done, as Eastern Refinishing continues to strive to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century. All Eastern Refinishing employees and technicians undergo a rigorous training program and schooling in the skill of professional refinishing. In addition to using skillfully trained personnel, we also implement the highest quality refinishing coatings and products. To achieve this, Eastern Refinishing has worked with the industry’s leading manufacturer, Hawk Research Labs, Wood Dale, Illinois to develop a complete proprietary line of professional refinishing products. Utilizing our proprietary Acrylic urethane Coating System, Eastern Refinishing has taken longevity to new levels by being able to offer 5-year warranties on all our tubs. In fact, you can expect an extended refinishing lifespan of between 10-12 years with proper care.

Categorically our competitors cannot offer performance characteristics as we do. Our refinishing systems are designed to deliver gloss and durability ratings exceeding automotive finishes by 20%. In addition, our coatings are highly chemical, solvent, and acid resistive and are UV stabilized, so they will not yellow, stain, or dull prematurely with use. For these reasons, you can count on Eastern Refinishing to provide the finest quality workmanship.

Charlie Gayler became the owner of Easter Refinishing over 25 years ago, and moved the headquarters to Wiarton, Ontario Canada in order to fulfill his goals of a sustainable, off-grid home with little impact to the environment. There may have also been a girl involved in the reason to move, but we’re staying tight-lipped on that one.

Our wind turbine is 108 feet tall. The “attachments” are solar panels configured in 2 groups of 6 and 9.

 This is to way to our home office in beautiful Ontario

“From 500 feet you can barely make out the solar panel arrays hung in 2 groups on the wind turbine tower” in the bottom left corner.

Our entire home office on the Bruce Peninsula runs without the need for outside electricity, water or sewer. We try to “fend for ourselves” so to speak up here. In fact, the only way we know that the electricity is out is when the light on the stove goes out. Our wind turbine tower is 108 ft. tall and the turbine puts out 3300 watts of power at peak. There are also 15 solar panels (Arranged in 2 tiers of 6 and 9) that supplement the turbine on days that there is little wind.

Both are run into a battery system and then we can withdraw power thru 2 inverters that change the direct current from the battery system to alternating current. That is how our offices, (and most places) are set up.

Next is a solar water heater.

When this is installed (hopefully this spring) we will be able to stop using fossil fuels to run our business forever (At least that’s the plan). We even have a solar-powered lawn mower!