Charlie Gayler

I got into this business over 25 years ago, and even though I’ve done well, I have decided to take some time to myself and my dogs.

I have spent 15 years building this place into a huge playground with 2 race tracks, 5 huge ponds, and about 8 miles of trails throughout the most beautiful setting anyone deserves.

I would like to thank ALL of the over 131,000 customers we have been lucky enough to work for. I would also like to thank all of the staff throughout the years that helped me make this the biggest; most successful bathtub refinishing company on the planet.

I never could have done this without the special help of both 1st Sgt. Tom Cavileer and our internet guru Tammy. I will be turning the company over to them with the assurance that they will keep our A+ rating with the B.B.B. and keep all the current staff.