Our Pricing

The cost to refinish a standard 5ft tub in white or off white, would be $449. This assumes that the tub is not a jetted tub and has not been refinished before (if it has, it will need to be stripped, add $150). The tub should be in good shape structurally (no leaks, major cracks, or drainage issues). If this is a clawfoot tub, the above would apply to the inside only.

To include the tub surround or if this is a 1pc fiberglass enclosure unit, add $300.

If the work is different (sinks, counters, tile work etc.) we will need details and pictures, if you can. We'll get you a quote quickly.

Our tubs come with a 5 year warranty, the job can take up to 4-5 hours to do, and cures in 16 hours to use. We use an acrylic urethane called GlassTech9000 and we also do the caulking, when applicable.

We've been in business for 52 years, refinished over 200,000 tubs, and have over 500 five star reviews on HomeAdvisor

Call or email if you need any further info. Have a great day, we appreciate your interest!