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Bathtub refinishing Boston covers a radius of 50 miles around Boston, but we make exceptions. Contact us for more info.

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Fun facts about Boston

Logan International Airport is built almost entirely on top of land that, before a landfill project, used to be Boston Harbor.

The average price for a bowl of New England clam chowder in Boston restaurants is $4.40.

Nearly 70 percent of housing units in Boston are occupied by renters rather than owners.

At 90 feet below the surface, the Ted Williams Tunnel is the deepest in North America.

The famous “Citgo” sign in Kenmore Square contains five miles of neon tubing.

About 250,000 college students live in Boston.

The Big Dig created about 80 miles of underground lanes in a 7.5-mile corridor.

The Fleet Center was built 9 inches from the old Boston Garden, so the classic structure had to be demolished brick-by-brick.

In the fall and spring of 2002, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department planted 622 trees citywide.

Famous people from Boston

Abbott, Lyman 1835-1922 Theologian
Adams, Henry 1838-1918 Journalist, Historian
Adams, Samuel 1722-1803 Patriot, Statesman
Bloomberg, Michael 1942- Mayor of New York
Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1803-1882 Transcendentalist
Franklin, Benjamin 1706-1790 Statesman, Inventor
Homer, Winslow 1836-1910 Painter
Kennedy, Joseph 1888-1969 Ambassador to England
Kennedy, Edward 1932-2009 U.S. Senator
Morse, Samuel 1791-1872 Inventor (Telegraphy)
Nimoy, Leonard 1931- Actor
Poe, Edgar Allan 1809-1849 Author, Poet
Revere, Paul 1735-1818 Patriot, Metalsmith
Taylor, James 1948- Musician

Funny Boston Laws

It is illegal to eat peanuts in church.

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