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Thank you for taking the time to explore our bathtub refinishing Philadelphia PA page.  50 Years in business! Licensed & Insured.  Over 200,000 tubs done using top of the line products from Hawk Labs.

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Call us at 800-463-1879 or click here to send us a message.

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We refinish in homes from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Closed weekends and holidays.

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Our main service area is a 50 mile radius around Philadelphia PA, but we will make exceptions! Give us a call to discuss.

Refinishing Services Offered by our Philadelphia Team

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Bathtub Refinishing

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Tile Refinishing

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Counter Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing projects by our Philadelphia Techs!

Eastern Refinishing has been refinishing tubs and more in American homes for almost 50 years. We use a top of the line product, have an elite HomeAdvisor rating, plus an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Remodel or Reglaze?

Bathtub looking old and dingy? Kitchen tiles starting to show their age? You may know it’s time to take some sort of action to update your space, but not sure which route to take. You have the option to do a full remodel, which may be out of your budget, or a bit more affordable method, a tub reglazing or tile reglazing. Refinishing (reglazing) is a quicker, simpler process that has several benefits in comparison to remodeling. A refinish can save you money, time and even damage to your home. 


When you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a little makeover, but don’t necessarily have the money for a full remodel, reglazing is a great alternative. A remodel may incur a variety of additional costs such as tearing down walls to remove a bathtub, hiring a plumbing, replacing baseboards, and the list goes on. Since refinishing is a surface level project, you’ll be looking at a much more reasonable invoice at the end.

Less Disturbance

Not only does remodeling cost more, but it can also cause quite the commotion in your home. It can be several weeks that you’ll be living in a half-torn apart home before the remodel is complete. A tub reglazing (or other surface) is a simpler process that can typically be finished in a day or 2 (if more than one surface or color), so you won’t be without your bathroom or kitchen for long at all.

No Damage

During a remodel, your home is subject to potential damages that will just prolong the project. With tub reglazing, there is no construction of any sort, so you can eliminate this concern from your head entirely.