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Thank you for taking the time to explore our bathtub refinishing and other reglazing services offered.   Licensed & Insured.  Over 200,000 tubs done using top of the line products from Hawk Labs.


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"The whole project from hiring and completing job was easy no stress involved they were on time and very satisfied with the outcome"
Roberta S.
Ocean City, NJ

You'll be impressed with our bathtub refinishing and other reglazing results!

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Our Technicians come to you!

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All work is done on-site and the bathtub, or other refinished surface, can be used the next day! Our technicians are well trained and use a top of the line product.

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Our Owner

This is Charlie, our Owner, he has recently semi-retired from the day-to-day operations at Eastern Refinishing. Click his picture for details.

Our Military History

We are a proud employer of active duty, reserve and retired military men and women!

Our Movie Cameo

Find us in the movie "The Town" starring Ben Affleck and Blake Lively. We refinished two ancient tubs and a pedestal sink.

Refinishing Temple U

The "infamous" crew! 1st. Sergeant Tom Cavileer (second from right) ran the show but everyone did their part. 204 entire bathrooms in 21 days with 0 defects.

Our Youtube Channel

Check out some of our projects, including countertops and cruise ships. You'll also get a peek at our gardens, property and the fun we have at our home office!

Refinish or Replace?

Factor in the plumbing costs to remove and reinstall a tub, plus landfill fees for the old tub and cost for the new tub, it comes to almost $2000. You can refinish for a fraction of the cost.

Bathtub Refinishing Info:

Q: Is all bathtub refinishing / tub reglazing the same?

Absolutely not! Different reglazing companies use different products and procedures, and the results, of course are not the same. Some will paint a bathtub with a marine paint or epoxies. Some use acrylics or other industrial coatings that are not engineered specifically for resurfacing bathtubs (i.e., car paint will not do) reglazers use a large variety of spray equipment.

Eastern uses only state of the art, specially designed equipment which reduces over spray to as close to zero as possible, and we have equipment that allows us to take the steps needed to not only make the work environment safe but allows for our process to be done with no mess, or odor or damage which could result from over spray or paint mist.

Eastern Refinishing’s materials are specifically engineered for resurfacing bathtubs. With the our refinishing process, bathtubs and more can be reglazed with no or little disruption to the occupants of the home.