Our Refinishing Services in Jersey City

Our Refinishing Services in Jersey City

Known as the nation’s “Golden Door,” Jersey City is located between the Hudson and Hackensack Rivers. This diverse city is comprised of over 265,000 residents, with only 15 square miles of land at the center of the NYC metropolitan region. Today it is a modern urban community, transformed from what once was primarily immigrants working in manufacturing industries. These old factories have been beautifully transformed into functional office buildings and housing units. The history and location, combined with their great sense of community, make for an unparalleled home to both residents and businesses.  

Sink Refinishing

If your bathroom sink is covered with unsightly scratches, chips, or deep stains, Eastern Refinishing can help! You no longer have to live with a dingy, dirty looking sink. Our team of experts will walk you through our step by step process of how we refinish sinks to make them look brand new. We can refinish acrylic, vitreous china, cast polymer, and porcelain sinks, no matter how big or small.

Counter Refinishing

Countertops are subject to a significant amount of wear and tear over the years, especially in a home that loves to cook! If your counters are looking a bit aged lately, Eastern Refinishing can help! Rather than doing a full repair, refinishing is a more affordable option that will leave your counters looking good as new. We can work with all different types of countertops including, Granite, Quartz, Laminate, Concrete, Recycled Glass and more! Visit our counters page to learn a little about our process!

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