Cleaning Bathrooms

Quick Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Tidy!

Quick Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom Tidy!

Keeping your bathroom clean can be a tough job especially if you have many other people using it. Maybe you are to busy and don’t have the time to do so or simply you are just too disorganized. We can help you out with a few quick tips for keeping your bathroom looking sharp!

Sink & countertops

The sink tops at times can get very messy and filled up with grim and scum. Here are a few ways you can prevent grime from building up. Make sure you whip the top down until it is dry after every use. This is the most effective way to prevent grime. Another way is to use tiered caddies to hold all of your soap and other bathroom items in. This way nothing is making direct contact with your tops.


The shower and tub can be very difficult to stop grime from building up because of the moisture. We have the solution to help cut down the chances of build up, spray down the curtains and walls of your shower or tub with a water repellent. Make sure the solution you use is safe for your family and the environment alike. To keep the clutter off the sides of the tub or shower ledges invest in an over the shower rod caddie to store all your shampoos and brushes. Be sure to replace any shower liner and grip rugs regularly if you have them.


Drains can be a problem especially if they are clogged and get backed up. To keep your bathroom clean perform a weekly maintains for about 3 minutes for each drain. Use a drain cleaner or jig up a metal coat hanger to pull out any excess hair or items that might be caught in the drain. At least once a month you should perform a heavy duty drain maintenance. Easy recipe for a safe homemade drain cleaner would consist of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. First, remove any plugs if there are any present. Next, place some baking soda down the drain and allow it to sit for about a minute or so. Then pour some vinegar down the drain and watch the solution start to bubble. After approximately 2-4 minutes pour the hot water down the drain. This should clear out a good amount of gunk in your drain.


Fans can easily be forgotten and be the filthiest part of your bathroom. Fans aren’t always the easiest to access but can be easy to clean. Located the fan in your bathroom. Please, DO NOT attempt if it is out of your reach and/or dangerous, leave it to a professional. If you are able to access your fan safely, remove the cap or lid and wipe down any excess lint or dust on your fan. Be sure to clean the lid and place it back on properly.

Cabinets and shelves

If you and your family have many items in your bathroom and it is taking up too much counter space we have the solution. Install some extra cabinets and shelves to take care of the clutter. Be sure to line the insides of the cabinets and shelves with a safe waterproof solution to prevent build up and water erosion.