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Bathtub Refinishing Maryland: Our Washington DC techs currently cover Maryland, specifically Baltimore and Rockville, but we will make exceptions for other locales! Give us a call to discuss.


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Fun facts about Maryland
State Name: MARYLAND
State Abbreviation:MD
State Capital:Annapolis
Largest City:Baltimore
State population: 5,773,552
Population Rank: #19/50
Area/Size: 12,406.68 square miles
Area/Size Rank: #42/50
Date became a State:April 28, 1788
Number accepted into the Union: #7/50
State Motto: “Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine” Manly Deeds, Womanly Words
State Nickname: Old Line State
State Bird: Baltimore Oriole
State Flower: Black-eyed Susan
State Tree: White OakResidents are called: Marylanders

Famous people from Maryland
Billie Holiday jazz-blues singer, Baltimore
Johns Hopkins financier, Anne Arundel Cty
Reverdy Johnson lawyer, statesman, Annapolis
Thomas Johnson political leader, Calvert Cty
Francis Scott Key laywer, author, Carroll Cty
Thurgood Marshall jurist, Baltimore
H. L. Mencken writer, Baltimore
Charles Willson Peale painter, naturalist Queen Annes Cty
Babe Ruth baseball player, Baltimore
Upton Sinclair author, Baltimore
Roger B. Taney jurist, Calvert Cty
Harriet Tubman abolitionist, Dorchester Cty
Leon Uris author, Baltimore
Frank Zappa singer, Baltimore


Funny Maryland Laws

Sorry for being alive! There is a law that anyone who is over the age of 90 and traveling in Maryland near their birthday, must publicly apologize for every year past 90 that they survive.

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