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Liberty and Independence

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Bathtub refinishing Delaware: includes Wilmington service only, but we will make exceptions for certain projects! Give us a call to discuss.


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Fun facts about Delaware
State Name: DELAWARE
State Abbreviation: DE
State Capital: Dover
Largest City: Wilmington
State population: 885,122
Population Rank: #45/50
Area/Size: 1,955 square miles
Area/Size Rank: #49/50
Date became a State: December 7, 1787
Number accepted into the Union: #1/50
State Motto: Liberty and Independence
State Nickname: First or Diamond
State Bird: Blue Hen Chicken
State Flower: Peach Blossom
State Tree: American Holly
Residents are called: Delawarean

Famous people from Delaware
Valerie Bertinelli actress, Wilmington
Robert Montgomery Bird playwright, author, New Castle
Henry S. Canby editor, author, Seidel
Annie Jump Cannon astronomer, Dover
Felix Darley artist, Claymont
E. I. du Pont industrialist, Wilmington
Henry Heimlich surgeon, inventor, Wilmington
Wilham Julius Johnson basketball player, Wilmington
Howard Pyle artist, author, Wilmington
John Phillips author, Wilmington
George Read jurist, signer of Declaration of Independence, New Castle
Caesar Rodney patriot, signer of Declaration of Independence, Dover


Funny Delaware Laws

I DARE YA! It is illegal in the state of Delaware to marry someone on a dare!

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