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He Who Transplanted Sustains

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Bathtub refinishing Connecticut: Our main service area is a 30 mile radius around Hartford CT, and a 30 mile radius around Bridgeport CT, but we will make exceptions! Give us a call to discuss.


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Fun facts about Connecticut
State Capital: Hartford
Largest City: Bridgeport
State Motto: He Who Transplanted Sustains
State Nickname: Nutmeg
State Bird: American Robin
State Flower: Mountain Laurel
State Tree: White Oak
State population: 3,518,288
Area/Size: 4,845 square miles
Date became a State: January 9, 1788
Number accepted into the Union: #5/50
Residents are called: Connecticuter; Nutmegger

Famous people from Connecticut
Benedict Arnold
Charles Goodyear
Dean Gooderham Acheson
Ethan Allen
Henry Ward Beecher
Harriet Beecher Stowe
John Brown
Katharine Houghton Hepburn
Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum
Samuel Colt
Samuel Huntington


Funny Connecticut Laws

A pickle must bounce in order to be considered a real pickle!

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Services offered
bathtub refinishing connecticut / reglazing
tile refinishing connecticut/ reglazing
counter refinishing connecticut/ reglazing
sink refinishing connecticut/ reglazing
Laura Kamont - NJ

I would highly recommend Eastern Refinishing

I scheduled my job with Tom who was a former army man. Since my dad was in the military he made sure I got a full military discount. I researched 3 different companies and found this to be the one that was less expensive but not only that THEY SUPPORTED THE US TROOPS. Tom didn't bad mouth any one he merely justified the quality of his product and what to beware of as far as lower grade products. Tom sent Adam N. (a former coast guard man). He was very polite, clean cut and a great representative of Eastern Refinishing. Adam's workmanship was incredible. He was nice and neat and didn't leave a mess behind. His apt. time was a 10:00 and he came at 9:30 with a great attitude and ready to work. You could tell that Adam love his job just by the quality of work he does. I would highly recommend Eastern Refinishing to everyone. Thanks, Laura