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bathtub refinishing, tub reglazing, bathtub resurfacing

If you have a standard tub that has never been refinished or had anything applied to it, and it has no jets, damage, or unique installation; you could qualify for our coupon price (reglazing in white or off-white).


tile refinishing, tile reglazing, tile resurfacing

Tile refinishing is priced by the square footage. To give you an idea, if the tile is just in the tub surround, and has a gap before the ceiling, it would be approx. $200; assuming it hasn’t been done before and will be reglazed to white or off-white. Call us for a detailed tile quote.


sink refinishing, sink reglazing, sink resurfacing

Sinks come in many sizes and styles; from wall hung, to undermount, from pedestal to vanity! To get a quote, call us today with the details. Whether its a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink, we can reglaze it for you!

Sink refinishing


counter refinishing, counter reglazing, counter resurfacing

Counter reglazing is priced by the linear foot, so have the measurements handy when you call us. For light colors, its $40/linear foot for a standard width. If you’re interested in Stone Flecks, which delivers a granite looking finish, its $50/linear foot.

Counter refinishing

Specialty Services

Refinishing -Stone Flecks

“Stone-flecks” are just one of the finishing treatments that we specialize in at Eastern Refinishing.

Our Stone-fleck counter tops come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and textures. We are confident that you will find one to meet your needs. If you would like to download a sample of them please click HERE for a PDF in full size.



bathtub refinishing inlay, tub reglazing inlay

The Inlay System is designed for the PERMANENT replacement of worn or damaged bathtub or shower bottoms. When a bathtub or shower bottom is worn, stained, cracked and/or leaking, a Inlay can be installed.

Even if there is an actual hole in the bottom of your tub or shower. The New Tub Inlay covers the bottom of the tub or shower, becoming a permanent part of you unit.
It restores your unit to a beautiful, durable, surface.